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Over the past years, I don’t often find myself looking at my reflection in a mirror and recognizing change. Gradual change is an almost invisible constant, unless it slaps you in the face, and after making the decision with my wife to move into our first house, it’s impossible to look away from the past when it’s boxed up in cardboard. While we all wear different masks throughout our lives, which allow us to fit in at different places with various people, it’s the culmination of those masks that make up who I am now. Most recently, with the move, my view on nostalgia has changed, and along with it a lot of my older possessions.

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Hey, Everyone!

Welcome to the official Tyler Voll blog/website. My plan for this website is to provide readers a clean, flexible, and friendly web interface so that anyone can keep up with any of my recent works. While currently most of my focus is going towards publication, I will find time to independently publish some of my writing on this site too. This website will also be used as a blog, keeping track of certain events in my life; things that very well could effect my writing.

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 'Waiting for a Cab' By Max Moran


I've been working on a short story that investigates the contrast in childhood to adulthood, focusing on one facet that changes seamlessly, that is the concept of friendship. 'My Childhood' transitions just as quickly, displaying that time is observed at a far faster rate than it is experienced. The painting above by Max Moran highlights a few people waiting for a cab, anticipating it's arrival and whatever accompanies with it. Similarly, 'My Childhood' examines the expectations that we face as children and the reality as adults. Fabrication plays a large role in the story, just as exaggerations rule many of a child's gossip. More information will come as the story gets closer to completion.

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