Tyler Voll

Writer - System Admin

I have decided, since this site was originally intended for content regarding my literary endeavors, that I am going to split all of my open-source related tutorials/writings over to a new website called NewsHUD.

If you are interested in any more of my tutorials, I am planning on expanding far more on the Elastic Stack inside of NewsHUD, please go over there and support that website. For me, it just felt awkward having a lot of my tech related posts being side by side with things that regarded my poetry. I just felt like there was a way to expand on each separately without giving up on either. I do plan to keep all of my previous tutorials on this site, so if you have them bookmarked, they won't be going anywhere!

Stay tuned to this website, as I plan to do more writing in the near future!

To Visit NewsHUD: www.newshud.net


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